Tony Lawand: In-depth Coverage of Fin-Tech World

Tony Lawand, serving as an on-site correspondent and co-producer for One World Media Inc’s INNERface Media video series “Fin-Tech World”, stands as a key figure in the dynamic financial technology industry. His broad experience, spanning several trade shows and conferences, equips him to engage with and capture stories from the most promising start-ups within this sector.

Significant Events Attended

Tony’s reporting proficiency is sharpened through his active participation in an array of key industry events. These include:

  • Consensus 2023, Austin, TX
  • JCE Awards 2023, Vancouver, BC
  • Web3 Blockchain Awards, Toronto, ON
  • Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022, Toronto, ON
  • CANIFF 2022, Toronto, ON

Through each event, Tony brings complex financial technology topics to audiences in a simple and accessible manner. His work is a testament to the effective use of modern report writing and content delivery techniques.

Press Credentials

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