Three years after speaking with him last, High Canada Magazine catches up with Anthony Lawand, the man we once referred to as the “Godfather of CBD in Canada” back in our May 2017 issue.

Tony is a pioneer and expert in NutraceutIcalsfor both Hemp/CBD-based products for Canada. His career spans over three decades working in several industries but always holding a passion for the “unconventional” business ventures that have taken him all over the world including Russia, the Middle & Far East, Africa, the Caribbean and USA. His extensive multilingual skills including English, French, Spanish, and good knowledge of Russian and Arabic, have also led to way to his involvement in several successful ventures in travel, real estate, solar energy, and cannabis.
In 2015, Tony moved to Toronto where his focus shifted to the emerging Cannabis and CBD markets with an eye and vision of creating one of the first and largest CBD organizations (Hemp Med, Joshua Tree Brands, Dr. Furbaby & several others) in Canada. In 2017, this business was acquired by a publicly-traded company which has grown exponentially since. Since we last spoke, Tony has joined forces with OWVI in support of its key business activities  & developing a campus of cannabis companies on the Sovereign Navajo Nation, USA. Tony is motivated to create an environment that’s designed for all businesses to thrive without the intrusiveness, taxation complicated laws this industry fa c e s. The atmosphere is inclusive & conductive in an environment that companies, even competitors, can co-exist & work together.

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